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PDX Bodyworks Physical Therapy

PDX Bodyworks Physical Therapy is part of the located in Portland, OR.

Together we are an inclusive and integrative collaborative care center in Northeast Portland, Oregon. The interdisciplinary care team promotes body-positive, gender-diverse, and affordable care for Portlanders interested in a gentle and holistic approach. The practice is LGBTQQIP2SAA+-friendly and welcomes patients from all walks of life.

The team at You. Center for Health and Wellness welcomes every patient to the office for a private consultation during which you can freely express your needs and concerns. The team provides a detailed evaluation and creates a goals-based holistic care plan using practices from several health and wellness specialties.

Patients at You. Center for Health and Wellness reach their rehabilitative goals through a combination of services, including physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, and craniosacral therapy. These services aid in healing motor vehicle accident (MVA) injuries, sports injuries, and many chronic pain conditions.

Therapeutic strategies such as massage therapy and acupuncture are valuable techniques for promoting healing and overall wellness. The team at You. Center for Health and Wellness also specializes in naturopathic medicine and offers botanical remedies and natural supplements to any care plan that can benefit from them.

You. Center for Health and Wellness invites new and returning patients to experience health and wellness improvements through classes, workshops, and personalized care. Call the office or schedule online for a consultation today.

Patient Success Stories
  • I have worked with 2 other PT’s in my past and am sold for life with Shawn & Greg.

    I am so grateful to have found Shawn and Greg. They are true gems. After falling down the stairs in November of 2016 I was struggling with pain and simply dealing with it until attending a free sciatic treatment seminar where aI met Shawn and Greg.....

    Alexandra F.
  • From doing the exercise workouts shown to me by Shawn and Greg I feel that, with consistency, I might never have to go through this again.

    I met Greg and Shawn at a workshop for back pain resulting from a sciatica problem. Soon afterwards I was involved in an automobile accident that aggravated my lower back pain and made it worse...

    Rhone W.
  • I know what to do to help get back in alignment if things get out of place again.

    I was having pain in my hamstring when driving. Also pain in my sacrum area from a prior fall, ankle pain, also due to an accident. I’ve long had tight IT bands and tightness in the hips....

    Sharon W.


We accept most insurance providers. If you have specific questions regarding your coverage, please contact us for additional information.