Our therapists provide skilled manual physical therapy and therapeutic exercises, targeted to eliminate pain and move patients towards enhanced fitness and wellness.


Board Certified Physical Therapist / Certified Mulligan Practitioner
Pain Specialist / Clinical Bike Fit Specialist / IRONMAN Certified Coach

Shawn Cooney is a licensed physical therapist whose practice encompasses orthopedic care for musculo-skeletal conditions throughout the ages, with special emphasis on the injured worker, injured athlete, and injured bike commuter. He works on individuals that have acute or chronic conditions through an eclectic manual/manipulative therapy approach to treat the underlying cause of the dysfunction. At PDX Bodyworks PT, Shawn works with patients to address joint dysfunction, muscle spasm, heightened inflammation, pain, stiffness, and weakness as well as educating and empowering his patients to better understand their role in healing as well as future health and wellness.

Shawn graduated from Northern Arizona University with his bachelors in exercise science in 1996 and masters in physical therapy in 1999 then completed internships in orthopedic manual therapy, orthopedic sports physical therapy, geriatric care, and pediatric physical therapy.

Over the past several years he’s begun taking part in the sport of Triathlon, competing in Olympic and Half Ironman distances. This created a new passion and understanding for the “middle aged athlete” and their physical challenges while beginning their new endurance endeavors. Shawn has taken part as participant, mentor, Captain and Coach in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s fundraising endurance training program, Team in Training. His physical therapy background proved invaluable for many of his teammates in the success of their training season and eventual race day. Shawn is a clinical BikeFit pro that allows him to optimize bicycle fit for the comfort, efficiency, and performance of every rider ranging from everyday bike commuter, mountain biker, elite road cyclist, to uni-cyclist. Shawn also works with athletes from the novice to elite levels in triathlon as an IRONMAN Certified Coach.

Shawn’s manual therapy hands on skills set him apart from his peers, stemming from training through an eclectic world class group of mentors including Brian Mulligan (New Zealand), Stan Paris (USA), Robin McKenzie (Australia), James Cyriax (England), Alan Stoddard (England) Geoffrey Maitland (Australia) and David Butler (Australia).

Shawn has lived in the Northwest for as long as he’s practiced physical therapy and relishes any opportunity to appreciate and explore the great outdoors by camping with his family in their VW Eurovan and photographing every amazing moment possible.

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