About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a higher level of wellness for the people in our community by helping them conquer acute and chronic injuries through manual physical therapy. We provide patient education on the importance of pacing and graded exposure to activity, on increasing tissue tolerance and on appropriate activity modification, based on patients awareness of their own body’s feedback. We utilize hands-on manual therapy techniques to address the cause of lingering joint and muscular dysfunction, to remove barriers such as pain, stiffness, poor posture, or old movement habits that no longer serve folks’ wellbeing.


Many clients had never heard of Physical Therapy or seen a manual physical therapist(!) during a long road of health care treatments. Often, these folks had outright poor experiences in a health care system that never resolved their problem: “you shouldn’t be in pain”, “there’s nothing wrong with you”, “you just need to lose weight”, “it’s all in your head”… the list goes on. It became clear that we needed a more direct way to connect Physical Therapy with those people who wanted to get well, but did not get the right help along their way. Our practice was born!

Pain or injury in your muscles, bones or nerves [your musculoskeletal system] and the movements they prevent– is the specific treatment expertise of physical therapists. Our combined experience of nearly 30 years has shown that manual therapy treatments, along with properly dosed movement and exercise, get people feeling better and back to their normal life, if not the life they’ve always wanted to live. We provide the knowledge and an ongoing plan to stay active and keep up with your busy lives. We strive for a practice that connects people with quality manual Physical Therapy early in their search for pain relief, knowledge, and notable improvement in their lives.